Founder, Chair & Ceo
Theresa White Is the Founder, Chair & Ceo of the Pan-African Family Empowerment & Land Preservation Network, Inc.
She Brings to the Pafen Wide-Ranging Experience from Working in Various Fields, Most Notably as both a Journalist, and a Former Congressional Aide.
White Began Her Journalism Career at the St. Petersburg Times in 1979. while at the St. Pete Times, White Was Nominated for Several Journalism Awards, Including a Pulitzer Prize for Specialized Investigative Reporting for a Project She Worked on with Three Other Reporters in 1980.
She Has Written for Numerous Publications Including Ebony Magazine; Southern Exposure Magazine, the Savannah Morning News/evening Press; the Georgia Guardian; the Savannah Tribune; the Herald of Savannah; the Gullah Sentinel; and the Beaufort Gazette.
White also Formerly Worked as a Reporter/production Assistant at Wjwj Tv in Beaufort, Sc, An Arm of the South Carolina Educational Tv Network, and a Pbs Affiliate.
White Holds a B.a. Degree in Political Science from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fl.
As a Part of Her Education at Eckerd, White Studied Abroad in London, England and Bogota, Colombia. She also Spent a Summer Working in London, and Visited France Several Times.
White Was among the Earliest Students at Modern Media Institute in St. Petersburg, Fl. Mmi Has Evolved into the Powerhouse Poynter Institute for Media Studies, One of the Premier Training Centers, and Think Tanks for Journalists and Editors in the U.s.
In the Early 1990S, White Was a Constituent Services Representative and the Savannah District Office Manager for U.S. Rep. Cynthia A. Mckinney, Georgia’s First African-American Congresswoman.
She’s also a Former Member of the National Association of Black Journalists, and Has Been a Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority for More Than 35 Years.
In 1985, She Won the Coveted Emory O. Jackson Memorial Journalism Award Presented by the South Atlantic Region of Aka. and in 1993, She Received An Outstanding News Coverage Award from Citizens for Environmental Justice, a Grassroots Environmental Activist Group Based in Savannah, Ga.White Has both Gullah Geechee, and Native American Ancestors.
International Co-Vice Chairs
Eagan J. Bright, a Native of Liberia and Liberia Bureau Chief for the African Voices International News Network, Is the Chief International Co-Vice Chair of the Pafen.
Bright Is Tasked with the Responsibility of Expanding Pafen’s Presence in Africa and the Caribbean.
His Wide-Ranging Experience in Broadcast and Print Media; High Profile United Nations Assignments in Several Countries; and Human Rights Activism across International Lines–All Make Him An Excellent Choice to Serve as the Pafen’s Chief Representative, and Organizer in Africa.
Bright Was Educated in Liberia, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, and Uganda..
He’s Fluent in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic–All Key Languages Essential for Building Global Pan-African Alliances.
Bright also Holds a Long List of Leadership Positions in Africa.
Among Them Are: Executive Director of the Liberia Dual Citizenship Network; Second Vice President of the West African Roller Sports Union; President of the African Federation of Environmental Journalists; President of the Ellen Chenoweth Nonviolent Peace Approach/liberia; President of the Liberia National Association of Tenants and Residents; President of the Democracy Development Program; and President of the Liberia Archery Federation.
An Undergraduate Degree in Mass Communications and Information Science from the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe Is among His Educational Credentials. Bright also Holds a Graduate Degree in Human Rights and Governance from the Makarere University in Uganda.
Bright’s Media Affiliations Include a Cnn Contributor for Liberia; a Voice of America Contributor for Liberia; Tv Talk Show Host for Royal Communications, Inc.; Stringer for the Liberia Broadcasting System; Reporter for Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corp.; Columnist for South African Housing Foundation News; Editor Sudanow Newspaper; and Contributor to African Voices Web News.
His Impressive Resume also Includes Un Assignments in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, as Well as Various Government and Business Projects in Sudan, the Congo (Central African Republic), and Ethiopia.
Bright Has Campaigned against Human Rights Abuses, Including Female Genital Mutilation in Sudan, Liberia and Ethiopia; Early Child Forced Marriages in Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali; and Domestic/economic Violence in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Cambodia.
Additionally, He’s Fought Child Abuse and Molestation in Benin, Liberia, and Guinea Bissau; and Promoted Nonviolence and Peace in Burma, Senegal, and Liberia.
Bright Has also Done Research on Mental Health Issues in Africa; African Citizenship; and Land, Zoning, and Title Holding in Liberia.
He and His Two Young Sons Live in In Liberia’s Capital Monrovia.


Somali Prince Dr. Mohamed H. Mukhtar Is Founder and President of the Center for Peace Building Initiative in Savannah, Ga.
Mukhtar Served as An International Co-Vice Chair of the Pafen Advisory Board before Moving up to the Pafen Board of Directors as An International Co-Vice Chair.
The Two-Time Fulbright Scholar Is a Sunni Muslim, Who Hails from An African Royal Dynasty in Somalia that Can Trace Its Lineage Back Almost 1,500 Years.
Educated in Egypt at Al-Azhar University, Mukhtar Is a Noted Professor of African & Middle Eastern History and Arabic.
He’s Fluent in Several Languages Including English, Arabic, Italian, Malay, and Various Somali Dialects.
Mukhtar Is Currently Chairman of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Savannah State University. He also Taught at the Somali National University, and the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. a Branch of the National University of Malaysia.
An Internationally-Acclaimed Author and Editor, Mukhtar Has also Been a Producer and Commentator for the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Bbc Arabic, Somali and World Services since 1984.
Restoring Peace in Africa and Conflict Resolution Are Very Personal Issues with Mukhtar.
He Lost a Beloved Son in Somalia’s Bitter Civil War. and He Fought to Bring His Three Surviving Children to America from a Refugee Camp in Kenya in the 1990S. after They Arrived, the Formerly Pampered Prince Did An Admirable Job of Helping Them Adjust to Life in America in His New Role as a Single-Parent.
Mukhtar Has Long Been Active in Organizations Committed to Promoting Peace, Including Serving as a Former Chairman of the Somalia Committee for Peace and Reconciliation (Ergada).
Mukhtar’s Influence Is Felt Far and Wide through His Leadership in Several Organizations from the Local to International Levels.
He’s President of the Savannah Chapter of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Serves of the Boards of both the Greater Savannah International Alliance, and the Savannah Council on World Affairs.
Additionally, Mukhtar Is a Member of the Global Advisory Board for Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies. and since 1998, He’s Been a Georgia Delegate, and Education Advisor to the National Summit on Africa,
Needless to Say, He’s Very Busy. but He Always Comes through when We Really Need Him.


Mr. Nathaniel Koty of the Benin Republic, Is the First West African Regional Representative of the Pafen..
A Charismatic Leader, Koty Is President of the Assistance and Humanity Foundation, Which Is Based in Benin.
His Popular Foundation Deals with Wide-Ranging Quality of Life Issues, Including Health; Education; Agriculture; Disaster Response and Relief; Citizenship; and Human Rights.
Koty Is also President of the West African Federation of Roller Sports.
His Much-Anticipated New Business Venture–Transatlantic Television–Will Begin Broadcasting in 2017.





Mr. Sameh Hager, of Egypt, Is the First North African Regional Representative of the Pafen.
A Successful Independent Businessman, Hager Is also a Soft-Spoken Social Justice Activist,
He Owns and Operates a Sports Academy, and a Sports Construction and Logistics Company

A Native of Jamaica, the Pafen’s First Vice Chair Stephen A. Mchayle, Has Served as a Leader of Our Non-Profit since Shortly after It Was Founded in 2013. He Was First Vice Chair of Our Founding Advisory Board, and Our Interim Board of Directors.Others Serving on the Founding Pafen Advisory Board Were Theresa White, Chair; the Late Dr. Ja A. Jahannes, International Vice Chair; Tanzala Shanklin, Second Vice Chair; Lucille T. Baldwin, Recording Secretary; and Shelia Swearrien, Chief Financial Officer.Inspired by the Pan-African Teachings of Jamaican Freedom-Fighters Such as Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Mchayle Has Been One of the Pafen’s Strongest Supporters, Despite Working Two Jobs to Put His Children through College.A Former Community Activist on the Island Paradise Immortalized by the Reggae Music of Bob Marley, He’s Currently Primarily Employed by the Beaufort County Public Library.

Recording Secretary & Social Media Secretary
Kali “chaka” Newsome Is Currently Serving as both the Recording Secretary, and Social Media Secretary of the Pafen.
Newsome, a Nursing Student in Las Vegas, Is also the First Student Member of the Pafen.
A Native of Los Angeles, She Brings to the Pafen Board the Energy of a Young Urban Professional, and An Afro-Centric Worldview that She Regularly Shares with about 4,800 Followers on Facebook.
Newsome Announced Her Long-Term Goal of Moving to the West African Nation Ghana on Facebook, Recently. and She Created a Renewed Interest in Polygamy–By Posting on Facebook that She Wouldn’t Have a Problem Becoming the Second Wife of a Prosperous Man of African Descent.
Her Elders Gave Her the Nickname Chaka as a Child, because She Embraced Her African Culture, and Took Pride in African Traditions at a Very Early Age.
“chaka” Has Befriended Many African Brothers and Sisters Who’re Living and Studying in America. as a Result, She Became An Outstanding African Dancer. She’s Taught African Dancing to Youth in Her Community in Los Angeles.
She’s Well Versed in Ancient African Spirituality, Cosmology, Metaphysics, and Khemetic Science.
Chaka also Practices Homeopathic Healing, Herbalism, and Mediative Chakra Re-Energizing Healing.
Led to Pursue a Career in Nursing because of Her Compassion for the Suffering of Others, Chaka Is Currently a Supervisor for the Environmental Services Department of a Hospital.
The Mother of Three Counts among Her Pan-African Heroes Malcolm X; Dr. Sebi; Dick Gregory; Angela Davis; Nina Simeone; Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan; Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing; Huey P. Newton; Dr. Umar Johnson; David Banner; and Legendary African Historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke.
Chief Financial Officer
Chicago Native William T. Wallace Is the Pafen’s Chief Financial Officer. He Formerly Served as the Interim Secretary of the Interim Board of Directors.A Resident of Kingstree, Sc since He Was 11 Years Old, Wallace Brings to the Table One of the Most Valuable Skills Needed by African People Everywhere–He’s a Natural Born Farmer.
With Food Security Looming as One of the Major Issues Ahead in a World Thrown out of Balance by Global Warming, Those with the Skills and Experience to Grow Food under Harsh Conditions Will Become Invaluable.
But the Former U.S. Marine Corps Security Guard, and Chaplain’s Assistant Knows How to Do Far More Than Simply Grow Food.
Over the past Few Years, He’s Become An Expert on Federal and State Programs Designed to Help Black Farmers and Black Landowners Keep and Develop Their Land!
We First Hear Wallace Speak at a First Friday Networking Event Held by the Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce in Mid- 2015.
During the Packed Meeting, Which Was Hosted by and Held at Historic Penn Center on St. Helena Island, Sc, Wallace Was An Outreach Specialist for the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/land Assistance Fund. He Was also the Federation’s Liaison to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
A Former Contract Compliance Tech for the Usda, Wallace Provided Info and Handouts on More Than 30 Federal Programs Designed to Provide Financial Assistance and Tax Breaks to Landowners that We’d Never Heard Of.
On Sept. 11, 2015, We Hosted a First Friday Networking Event for the Black Chamber. We Invited Wallace to Be the Keynote Speaker to Inform Our Clients about How to Use Their Land to Generate Money to Pay Their Property Taxes. He also Shared Tips about How Landowners Can Reduce Their Taxes. Before the Event Was Over, We Knew that Wallace Needed to Be on Our Team. A Powerful and Very Effective Speaker, Wallace Earned a Degree in Agricultural Business from the University of Northeast Ohio while Still Serving as a Marine. In Addition, He’s An Expert on Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Relieve Programs. Wallace Is the only Member of Our Board Who Has Experience Working with Male Juvenile Offenders in a State-Run Residential Setting.
He’ll Be a Key Participant in Our Future Pafen Speaker’s Bureau.



We’re Honored that Busy Georgia State Sen. Lester G. Jackson, Iii, Is Making Time to Serve as a Member of the Pafen Board.
Professionally, Jackson Is a Prominent Family Dentist in Savannah, Ga, Where He Co-Owns the Popular Jackson Dental Center with His Wife, Dr. Lorna Jackson. He Previously Served a One-Year Term as Pafen’s Interim Chief Financial Officer.
A Graduate of Historically Black Meharry Medical College, Jackson Is a Former U.S. Naval Officer; a Life Member of both the Naacp and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; and a Charter Member of the 100 Black Men of Savannah.
Jackson Was First Elected to the Georgia Senate in 2008.
In 1999, as a Member of the Georgia House, He Was Named Georgia’s Freshman Legislator of the Year by the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus.
In Recognition of Jackson’s Outstanding Leadership in State Government, Former President Barack Obama Tapped Him to Become the 2009 Presidential Appointee to the Democratic National Committee. He Was the First Person from Coastal Georgia Given that Prestigious Honor in Almost 20 Years.
The Former Georgia House Assistant Majority Whip Has also Been Honored by a Long List of Organizations. among Them Are the Georgia and National Dental Associations; and the Savannah State University Alumni Association.
Jackson Is Known as a Steadfast Advocate for Property Tax Reform; Mental Health Funding for Regional Hospitals; and the Peachcare for Kids Program. He also Authored the Peach State’s Voluntary Medicine Act, Which Paved the Way for Free Health Clinics Statewide.
In His Official Capacity as a Georgia State Senator, during the Final Week of February 2016, Jackson Hosted a Series of Events Designed to Boost Educational and Trade Partnerships with Liberia.
Among Other Things, Jackson Invited Liberian Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh to Address the Georgia Senate, and to Network during a Dinner with the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus in Atlanta.
Later in the Week, Jackson Hosted Sulunteh’s Tour and Trade Talks at the Georgia Ports Authority Terminal in Savannah, as Well as a Special Reception for the Ambassador at Savannah’s Desoto Hilton Hotel.
Also while in Savannah, Ambassador Sulunteh Visited Savannah State University.
He Toured the Storage Area Where International Students at Ssu Were Busy Packing a Cargo Container with Much-Needed Supplies to Help Liberian Communities Recovering from Ebola.
The Pafen Is Proud that We Were Able to Organize 5 Collection Sites for the Liberian Supply Collection Here in Beaufort County, Sc.
The Supplies Were Delivered to Ssu during the First Week of February. the Largest Single Donation Came from the Family Slide Dancers of Sun City Hilton Head, Thanks to Sun City Residents Diane and Marty Raffone.


Advisory Board Chairman

One of Beaufort County, Sc Most Prominent Gullah Citizens, Clarence “moose” Washington, Jr, Is the Chairman of the Pafen Advisory Board.
Washington Is a Popular Retired Former Elementary and Middle School Principal with 35 Years of Experience as An Educator. He’s also the Current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Beaufort-Jasper Economic Opportunity Commission.
A 32 Degree Mason, Washington Is the District Deputy of the Historic Sons of Beaufort Lodge #36, and a Member of the Shriners Omar Temple #21 in Savannah, Ga.
A Tireless Volunteer, the Bluffton, Sc Native Is a Member of Beaufort’s First African Baptist Church. He’s also 3Rd Vice President of the Samuel J. Bush American Legion Post 207, the only Black American Legion Post in Beaufort County. Sc.
Still a Towering Figure at Least 80 Years Old, Washington Was a Star Forward on the Basketball Team of Historically Black North Carolina Central University in the 1950S.washington Received His Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics There in 1959, before Launching a Stellar Career as An Educator.
Washington Was a Classroom Teacher for 15 Years before Serving the Beaufort County School District as a Principal at Broad River Elementary, Lady’s Island Elementary, and Robert Smalls Middle Schools. He Retired in 1994.
A Dedicated Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity for Over 35 Years, Washington Is a past President of the Beaufort Omega Alumni Chapter. and He Was Formerly Its Representative on the Beaufort Council Pan-Hellenic Council.
His Educational Credentials Include a Master’s of Education Degree from Pepperdine University in 1975, and a Education Specialist Degree from the Citadel in 1977.
Washington Has Quietly Been Supporting the Pafen’s
“help Save Gullah Geechee Land” Campaign for the past Year. He’s Now Expected to Play a Key Role in Its Continued Success.


Honorary Board Members


Atty. Hugh K. Davis Served as a Key Player on the Pafen’s Advisory Board before Becoming a Honorary Board Member in 2016 Due to Scheduling Conflicts.
A Graduate of the Prestigious Howard University Law School, Davis Brings to the Table Almost 40 Years of Wide-Ranging Civil Law Legal Experience, and a Wealth of Information about How to Successfully Navigate Property-Ownership Issues.
Now in Private Practice, Davis Is the Former Managing Attorney of the Beaufort, Sc Office of South Carolina Legal Services, a Statewide Non-Profit Law Firm that Provides Free Income-Based Civil Legal Services.
Civil Legal Issues that Davis Has Dealt with Include Bankruptcy/debtor Relief; Education and Employment Discrimination; Special Immigration Exemption Applications; Landlord/tenant Disputes; Elder Abuse and Other Family Court Cases; in Addition to Heirs Property and Probate Court Disputes.
Davis Has Provided Limited Pro-Bono (Free) Legal Consultations for Several Pafen Clients on Heirs’ Property, Delinquent Tax Sale Redemption Strategies, and Other Critical Property Issues.


Lebohang Khumalo Is a Beloved Sister Who Lives and Works in South Africa.
A Woman of Overcoming Faith, Lebo Is a Very Popular Professional Nurse and Primary Health Clinician.
She’s also a Dynamic Labor Union Activist.
Labor Unions Have Become a Powerful Political and Social Force in South Africa, as Its Now Free Black Majority Works to Correct the Educational and Income Inequities Rooted in the Nation’s Hated Former Apartheid System.
Khumalo’s Influential Union Leadership Positions Include Regional Secretary of the Democratic Nurses Organization of South Africa; a Cluster Deputy Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Union Federation; and Membership on the National Interim Young Workers Committee of the Cosatu.
Because of Her Outstanding Organizational Skills, Khumalo Was Nominated to Represent South Africa at the International Trade Union Confederation-Africa’s Third Conference in Dakar, Senegal in November 2015.
In Addition to Working to Heal Others, Khumalo Is Currently Studying for a Political and Social Development Diploma at the Workers’ College in South Africa.
Khumalo Was only 14 Years Old when Nelson Mandela Was Elected the First Black President of South Africa.
Although Economic Prosperity Has Been Slower in Coming Than Many Black South Africans Had Hoped For, Progress Is Undeniably Being Made.
And the Support Americans Gave to the Black South African’s Fight for Freedom from White Minority Rue Hasn’t Been Forgotten.
Our Sister Lebo Was Happy to Reach across the Globe to Help the Gullah/geechee People of the United States Keep Their Land and Homes from Being Sold from under Them.
“I’m Pleased that Your Organization also Fights for Regaining Land Taken from Black People in the U.s.,” She Wrote after Accepting Her Appointment to the Interim Pafen Board.
We Look Forward to Her Rejoining the Pafen Board of Directors when Her Schedule Permits.


Busy Businesswoman Mexine I. Bisasor of Montego Bay, Jamaica, Has Been a Member of the Jamaican Cultural Development Commission since 2007,
Bisasor Is also Ceo of Enixem Consultancy Services, Inc., a Justice of the Peace, and a Prominent Member of the Rotary Club of Montego Bay.
She Has Over 25 Years Experience as a Journalist; Public Relations Writer; Radio Broadcaster; Event Manager; and Mental Health Counselor.
In Addition, the Well Known Community Activist Has Worked to Promote Leadership Development in the African, Latin American, and Caribbean Diasporas.
Bisasor Recently Joined the Board of the Cornwall Regional Hospital, Where Her Valuable Insights about Public Health Care Policy Are Much Appreciated…
Her Many Passions Include Advocating for Children; Civil Rights; Economic Empowerment; Education; Health Care; Human Rights; Disaster and Humanitarian Relief; Poverty Alleviation; and the Breath-Takingly Beautiful Natural Environment of Her Beloved Caribbean Isles.
A City Councillor from 2007 to 2012, She Has a Keen Understanding of Government Operations , the Legislative Process, and Consensus Building.
Bisasor Holds An Undergraduate Degree in Communications. and She Received a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Caltech in 1990.
Legendary Author Maya Angelou’s Uplifting Poem “still I Rise” and Her Parents Are Bisasor’s Greatest “influences and Inspirations.”

We Look Forward to Working with This Valued Former Pafen Interim Board Member in Coming Months.