Our Mission


The Pan-African Family Empowerment & Land Preservation Network, Inc.'s mission is both simple and complex in its scope. Our main goal is to simply empower people of African descent with the educational and organizational tools, and the financial resources necessary to protect their ancestral homes and family-owned land from being lost through delinquent tax sales; dishonest land surveys; encroachment by developers and neighboring landowners; forced sales of heirs property; forged deeds; and the unfair use of tax collection laws, etc. By doing so, we'll also help to empower them to avoid becoming homeless, or displaced from their property by gentrification, development of new communities, and skyrocketing property taxes.

With control over the roofs above their heads and the land under their feet, they'll be in a more stable position to concentrate on complex key quality of life issues, including enhanced educational, employment, and economic development opportunities that will break the cycle of generational poverty, and learned dependence on charity, public assistance and foreign aid.

As our organization grows and evolves, we’ll network with other organizations that share our goals and vision, and create a durable funding source for our programs. Please visit our GoFundMe page for more information about how you can help eliminate the loss of GullahGeechee ancestral land.

Diane & Marty Raffone of Sun City/Hilton Head

Diane & Marty of the Family Slide Dancers of Sun City, delivered the largest single donation to PAFEN's supply collection for Liberia in January 2016. The collection supported Project SHEA, which was initiated by international students at Savannah State University.